Kim and Jill, aka “the twins,” are two of Duchess’s puppies that we still have with us.  At the Galveston shelter we were told they would have been “shark bait” because they were too small for fighting dogs.  Did you know that pitbull puppies are used as bait by some big game fisherman off the coast? 

Kim and Jill were a bonded pair and never far apart.  We couldn’t bear to split them up and tried very hard to find a family that wanted two, all black, bonded pitbulls.  LOTS of people were asking how big they were going to get, if they could get them before they were spayed, if one was weaker then the other one, if we would give them to them for free since we couldn't find a home where they could stay together, etc.  Obviously none of those requests were from people with loving intentions for these two sisters.  Even in Austin, one of the most dog friendly places in the world, it’s definitely “not the breed, it’s the people.”  That is how "the twins" ended up staying with us, and their mom, forever.

Our sweet Kimmy girl has had health issues from the beginning.  We recently found out that her back knees are basically non functioning.  It's no big surprise that these dogs, bred in the worst of conditions by people with horrific intentions, are suffering with life-long medical issues.   Kim gets medicine daily to deal with the pain and eventually will need a doggy wheelchair in order to get around and keep up with her pack.  For now, we keep up with her vet visits and medications (which aren't cheap), monitor her play time, and carry her around when needed!



Special thank you to our heroes
Special thank you to Kim's heroes:

Safe in Austin is one of my favorite places. I imagine it’s what heaven feels like. I was having a hard time choosing only one of the animals to officially “adopt” because I love all of them and their unique stories so much! Then I brought my roommate out for a visit... He had an immediate connection with Jill and I knew we were destined to sponsor The Twins together!! Just another testament to the rescue’s ability to heal hearts and bring people together through loving these animals. Kisses to my Kim!!