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Mikey came to us via a man who saw a barrel of piglets at a feed store. He thought why not and went home with a new pet. He soon found out how needy a baby pig is. He called us to see if we could take him in. One of the reasons we end up with a new piglet each year is that people buy them because they are so cute, and then realize how needy they are! They are significantly more emotional than puppies and need a constant companion or they can and will shut down emotionally. Mikey has adjusted quickly to sanctuary life and having lots and lots of rescued brothers and sisters!


Don't be fooled by that face, though! He’s more of a commitment than a puppy, and he will grow to be more than 200 pounds. No question. He needs constant stimulation, will not sleep through the night, needs training and discipline, and will eat a lot of everything he can find!

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