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Ollie was originally an outdoor barn cat who came to us missing half his face.   We are not sure what attacked him, but his injury was so horrific that you could actually see a large section of exposed bone on his lower jaw.  It took weeks for his wound to heal, but he almost never cried and never lost his sweet disposition. 


One thing is sure, this little guy is way too snuggly, sweet, and tiny to be an outdoor barn cat!



All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 


Olivia Kean

I am sponsoring Ollie the cat as I have my own ginger boy who brings me so much joy and comfort. I’m so thankful for everything that Safe in Austin does for the animals and community. 


Vivian & Brandon

Cat parents ourselves, we are honored to support little Ollie until he finds his perfect home.

ollie sponsor.png

Hannah, Peter, and Ollie

We first learned about Safe in Austin from Queer Eye. It's one of our very favorite episodes because of your cause. I saw your post a few days ago about support dropping off and decided to look into a way to actually get some help to you all the way from Illinois. I love that we can sponsor animals - and we chose that sweet orange boy for two reasons. He reminds us of our sweet orange boy O'Malley who we lost last year due to respiratory failure. And his name is Ollie, which is the name of our son. We hope that this brings you some small relief and that it helps Ollie and his other very lucky friends. 💜

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