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Screenshot_2019-11-07 (12) Safe in Austi

Pixie came to us from a shelter around San Antonio. She was going to be euthanized due to her paralyzed back legs, and we knew we couldn't let that happen. We brought her home where we found out after some x-rays that her spine is completely broken. She is a medical marvel because a dog with such an injury is usually in a huge amount of pain, but Pixie shows absolutely no signs of pain! And when she first got her wheels, she took off as if she had had them forever!

While her physical disabilities are an inspiration to the children that come here with similar physical disabilities of their own, the real game changer is in her character. You don’t have to have broken legs to feel the magic and pure hope that pours out of her.

Special thank you to our heroes:

In memory of our rescue dogs who were special needs, each in their own way.  The picture has 3 of them and the bed for one who would never stay for photos!  Thank you for what you do.

- Shultz Family

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