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Punkin and Spice

When Priscilla got broody and kept sitting on unfertilized eggs she started making herself sick.   She didn’t understand that the eggs were not going to hatch, and Michael didn’t seem to understand what needed to be done to get them fertilized!! So, I went to Tractor Supply and purchased a couple of bantam chicks to give to Priscilla!

I really didn’t know how she would react, but to all of our surprise she took them in instantly!   She opened up her wings and tucked them inside as if she had been trying to hatch them all along.  It is one of our sweetest adoption stories!   She raised up the chicks and kept them safe until they were adults, and since Priscilla is our cuddle turkey she clearly taught these two girls how it’s done!   Punkin and Spice are two of our most socialized and snuggly chickens!  They are the favorite of many visitors and you have never met two chickens as soft as these two!  


Since we have quite a few adopted and foster friends that come to visit us, this is one of our favorite stories to tell!!

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