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Ruby Sue


Ruby Sue is our miracle calf! We received a message on social media about a special needs calf Ruby was born with a genetic defect called Curly Calf Syndrome. This means she has nonfunctioning back legs and a twisted spine. Calves with this diagnosis are typically born stillbirth or die shortly after delivery but despite this diagnosis, the vets said Ruby is happy and healthy! While we don’t know what her future holds, we take it day by day and give her all the love.


Ruby Sue is working on building strength in her front legs so she can have some mobility while using the wheelchair that was donated to her! It’s a slow process but we all know slow and steady wins the race! 


In the short time she has been with us, she has shown a tremendous outlook and has never given up. She has met many new friends and has inspired children with disabilities to keep going and not give up, proving your determination and positive spirit will take you farther than you could ever imagine! 

Dylan and Tim v2.png

Special thank you to our heroes:

We are the people who wave at random dogs and cats (even birds) when we pass them on the street. We live in the city, far away from nature, but dream of one day being able to live on a ranch with all sorts of animal friends, like Ruby Sue. Her presence spoke to us and we are so honored to be a sponsor - thank you Safe in Austin for providing her with a loving home and us with an amazing opportunity to be part of Ruby Sue’s journey.
                    - Dylan & Tim
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