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Safe In Austin Conference 2024

Come join us August 2, 2024- August 4, 2024 for our second conference.

Queer Eye gave you a sneak peek.

For one weekend we are giving you a chance to go behind the scenes, all the details, the information you have been asking for.

How did I do it?

Where did I start?

What were the first steps in finding my son a service dog?

What have I learned about service dogs since then?

How do I find the animals and the children that make this place magical?

From Friday evening Aug 2nd - Sunday August 4th come to the Second Safe in Austin Conference!

Learn all the behind the scenes from Queer Eye.

Meet the superpower friends who help care for all the animals.

Get a chance to cuddle a turkey, muck a stall, and ask the questions that have been burning a whole in your heart.

Secure your spot in the event information below and know that this is an experience you will not want to miss.

Join us to learn all about how Jamie got started and how to run a similar rescue. This event is for those wanting to learn how we run Safe in Austin and is a FULL Weekend event

**Rough draft of events**


Friday Evening --Public Day Event- Welcome to the Rescue


Saturday – Morning – Break-Out Sessions     

                       Afternoon – Breakout Session  


 Sunday – Morning – Break-Out Sessions

                      Afternoon – Question and Answer with Jamie and SIA Staff



 Breakout Sessions ideas – How To Start a Non Profit, Stories Of Survivors That Come For Healing, Fundraising Ideas,  Big Pigs, Halo, Special Needs Dogs, Healing Hearts Animal Care Program, Question and Answers, Cows, Goats, Special Needs Farm Animals, Horses, Healing Hearts Program…

We do ask that no children attend due to sensitive material discussed in sessions, however you would not be able to attend we can make child care arrangements on site. 

Minimum Suggested Donation amounts $500 per person or  $1000 per family

Watch The Video From The Last Conference 
made by a past attendee Kayla Chapman and read her review below.

FBS Rec therapist, Kayla Chapman, was able to go to the first ever Safe in Austin conference in May of 2022. Here, she reflects on her weekend:

"I have always had a passion for animals, but in my young adulthood I learned I also had a passion for people with disabilities through various volunteer and school opportunities. I loved them so much, I decided to get my master's degree in recreational therapy, where I could use fun/leisure to help people in the disability community reach their therapy goals (increasing social skills/physical fitness/independence/etc). 

I wasn't really sure what to expect from the conference, but I knew I wanted to absorb as much information I could from Jaime, her team, and fellow professionals attending the conference. I learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes at this sort of operation, the stuff that no one even thinks about. I learned about animals that I've never really worked with, but surprisingly fell in love with the idea of working with them in the future. 

It was fascinating to see how diverse SAFE is. How every single person that comes to the farm, will find an animal that they connect with and can relate too. It truly IS magic. I learned that people's disabilities, trauma, or mental health struggles are not their disparities, but their SUPER POWERS! In fact, I learned that I have a super power. I have been diagnosed with Generalized anxiety disorder, an anxious attachment style, and depression. All of these things I used to see as my weakness, my "disorders", or what keeps me back in life. When I saw all of these people embracing their disability/disorder/trauma as their "super-power", it made my brain switch my way of thinking about my own disparities. 

Kim, food caterer, said it best: "Don't see yourself as an anxious person, see yourself as an excited person"! I feel so empowered now. I went to this conference to learn all the ins and outs of farm therapy, little did I know I would come out with a whole new outlook on myself and just life in general. It was a weekend filled with magic that will stay with me forever"!

Safe in Austin is a non-profit organization that needs donations to keep their mission of "Rescuing Animals, Rescuing Children" alive! If you are able to help in any way, visit their website here: OR check out their Facebook page. Every dollar or helping hand counts! 

We hope you enjoy this video show-casing the magic of animal assisted activities. But not only that, that you learn to identify and embrace your "super-powers"! :)

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