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Wilbur the Pig


Sapphire is our momma goat that we rescued from an animal hoarding situation in San Antonio.   When we got her, she was so hugely pregnant we thought she was going to give birth at any minute.  Instead, it was two more months before she delivered her triplets!  Poor Sapphire, a small Nigerian Dwarf goat, had been bred with a much larger Boer goat so her babies were each more than twice the size of a typical Nigerian Dwarf newborn. And there were three of them!

Jamie slept on the front porch with her for two weeks in anticipation of the babies being born.  We just had a feeling that she was going to need us, and since we don’t have a barn, we set her up a maternity wing on our front porch!   We called it “Goat Watch 2016” and everyone was anxious for her to deliver!  

By the time she went into labor she was so huge she could barely walk.   Thankfully, we had paid attention to Jamie's instincts because she needed a significant amount of help delivering her triplets.  The babies was just too big for poor Sapphire and one of the babies was especially weak at birth.  We eventually ended up loosing sweet baby Pretzel to pneumonia, but we are thankful we were able to be there for her and the other two babies, Ruby and Curly.  She is now a sweet and gentle momma who trusts humans again and LOVES her apple treats!   Sapphire can be seen every night cuddled up with her babies because here at Safe in Austin, mommas and babies get to stay together forever! <3



Amos is Sapphire's sponsor. He is a survivor from the Bastrop hoarding case in 2011 where 150 dogs were rescued.

Special thank you to our heroes
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