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Spotty Girl

Wilbur the Pig

Spotty is our feral girl.   We originally saw a post about her on Facebook.  A young woman named Katya was desperately trying to get help to save this girl but needed help.  At this point Spotty had been feral and homeless for four + years.  She lived in a neighborhood next to a greenbelt and she stayed alive only because some of the neighbors would leave food out for her from time to time.  The neighbors there said they had watched get pregnant over and over again for years.  She would eventually disappear into the greenbelt, deliver her babies, and then after a few days they would see her come to the edge of the woods and howl and cry.  No one was ever able to find the litters.   During those years many people and organizations came out to try to catch her, but nobody had any success. 


Spotty was again extremely pregnant when we went out to see her.  She was also extremely scared.  She literally wouldn’t let anyone get within fifty feet of her.  Jovie and I spent four days visiting her and throwing her yummy treats in order to gain some trust and interest.   On the last day we didn’t give her any treats or food and ended up luring her into Katya’s garage using Smokey Moe’s scraps as bait.  She just couldn’t resist! (and honestly, who could?!) 


Once we had her safe in a garage, I stayed with her and even slept on the floor in Katya’s garage for several nights while slowly gaining some trust.  She gradually let me get closer to her, and by the third day she seemed to decide that I was safe, and she ended up letting me help deliver her puppies that very day!      

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