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Wilbur's story is our foster/adoption piggy story.   His momma called me one day out of the blue and said she knew we were a safe place for pigs to live and asked if we would take hers.  She was going through a divorce and couldn’t keep him at her new apartment.   When she dropped him off it was just heartbreaking.   She didn’t want to leave her boy, and we felt just terrible for both of them.   Now, she gets to watch him on our social media accounts and see the happy life he has here on the ranch. 


We love to share Wilbur’s story with foster and adopted kids, who often suffer from feelings of abandonment.  Wilbur teaches them that sometimes a loving and wonderful mother just can't provide the life her baby deserves, for reasons that may be completely out of her control.  This doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her child; in fact, it may mean she loves him so much she is willing to do whatever is necessary to make sure he will grow up with a loving and devoted family and get all the piggy treats he could ever want! (OK, maybe that last part doesn’t always apply-- 😊)

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