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With Stories

How do rescue animals heal children?

Let me share some stories...

With tears streaming down her cheeks, I hugged this precious Momma and heard her whisper- "Thank you. Thank you so much. In the last two hours meeting all of your precious animals I have heard him speak more words than he has in the last two months combined. What a gift you all are. We will be back soon."

Or the adoption Momma who calls after a visit to tell me that on the way home from our rescue "he actually started a conversation. Instead of putting on his head phones and ignoring me, he said "that is crazy that someone was just going to throw Peter away, isn't it?". He started a conversation with ME! We talked about Peter the pig, about people, about kindness....for 45 minutes! I feel like our relationship has turned a page all because of one precious animal."

Or the therapist that is having a hard time breaking through to the at risk teenager.

"So I hear you went to Safe in Austin last week. Any animal you wanna talk about? I hear they have a Pitbull there that was once homeless for four years. I heard she was horribly abused, and that it took the people at Safe in Austin months to even be able to pet her. Did you get to meet Spotty? How does she seem to be doing now?"

Our mission - Saving lives and Healing hearts.

In its simplest form it means rescue animals who rescue children. This is accomplished by simply spending time together. Our focus is on the animals that most ignore and the children that often feel the same way.❤️


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