Champion "Champ"

Champion won over our hearts when his picture first showed up in our Facebook messenger. Hearts that were still mourning our sweet Ruby Sue felt comfort in hearing of the calf with a pinched nerve who could use all of her custom equipment to heal and live a normal life at our rescue. We quickly made the arrangements to have him here and began doing physical therapy hoping to see him walk on his own one day soon.

Bringing his Mama back to his side made us swell with pride as we promised them they would never be separated again.

Meet Patchula

Originally Champion came to Safe in Austin alone, and just a day later Patchula, his mom came home too!

Learn more about Champion's sweet momma Patchula!



All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 



I’m from the UK and have just watched your episode of Queer Eye and it truly touched my heart. What you do for these animals and children is truly unbelievable, you are angels and I hope you all know how wonderful you are for taking care of all these animals in need.