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At first Patchula was leery of us, but she very quickly saw our intentions for her miracle baby, Champion. It doesn’t take much to show unconditional love, especially from one mother to another.

Everyday we are blown away by her commitment and willingness to adjust to changes in order for her baby to safe and healthy beside her. Most people don’t realize the remarkably intense bond a cow and their babies have. 

She quickly adjusted to his wheelchair banging into her as he ate, to the special beds we move him around in, to the different positions we set him in to prevent bed sores, to feeding him extra and checking his belly constantly, to strangers touching and loving on him all the time, and now to the new water proof beds we lay him in to prevent urine burn.


Every step of the way she cautiously watches to make sure he is safe and as soon as she sees it is in his best interest she adjusts her routine, body, and life accordingly.

When Champion’s time is up, all of our hearts will mourn in a way that I can’t think about at this moment, but for now I’m so unbelievably honored to watch their love for each other inspire me and so many others!

Meet Champion

Originally Champion came to Safe in Austin alone, and just a day later Patchula, his mom came home too!

Learn more about Champion's sweet momma Patchula!