Chip, Norman & Hershel

Our dedication and attempt to save, a little diary cow that we named Clover, was shared many times on social media.  She was in bad shape and we were completely heart broken when we lost her.   However, her story touched hearts that we would have never expected, and from her rescue attempt we were offered the opportunity to save these three boys.   They were only 4 weeks, 5 weeks, and 3 months old when they got here and all three of them had to fight through infections, banding, and learning to trust us.   They would have been slaughtered had we not found out about them, and we are so thankful that through the heartache of not being able to save one life, we were able to save three!   

These boys will bring so much joy to the hearts of all the families that come to visit them! 

Chip is a Holstein cross, Norman is a Jersey cross, and Hershel is a Longhorn cross. 

Special thank you to our heroes:

From our family to you!!


- Hannah Podshadley

I'm sponsoring Norman

because he is one cool steer!

- Blake Miller