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Cutie Pie

Everyone meet Cutie Pie (Dominic name her)!

This sweet thing was born without working back legs. The people that had her did everything possible along side a vet to try to help her, but she did not improve. Taking on a goat with nonworking back legs was not a possibility for them. Which left them with no other choices beyond euthanasia.

I saw her picture, immediately thought of all the kiddos that come to us with legs that don’t work as they should, and decided we had to try!

She’s about five weeks old and an absolute sweetheart. She’s not a tiny breed of goat, so this will not be a simple rescue. We will need to continually make adjustments, be creative, and reach out to our friends in the goat rescue world for advice!

Looking forward to walking this journey with all of you! I haven’t had a bottle baby in months, so my momma heart is bursting!

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