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Meet Evie, our half blind lucky fin tripod!!

Evie was three months old when she came to the Ranch. Her right front leg is curled and she is blind in her left eye. That doesn't slow her down one bit, she can still run and jump and play with the best of them!

We are so thankful the people who had her loved her despite her differences and chose to bring her here where she can have the best quality of life offering love and hope to children who have differences just like her!!

Three legs.

One eye.

Full heart.

Determined spirit.

Our little Evie isn’t so little anymore. It’s crazy to think it’s been almost four years since she showed up. That she’s been wandering around the rescue owning the place for that long. It seems like just yesterday she was demanding bottles and drinking them in record time.

But one thing hasn’t changed.

Nothing stands in her way.

Fence? She slip through it.

Dog door? She’ll climb right in!

Flowers on the kitchen table? She’ll take that as her lunch.

David’s snack on his desk? Makes a good dessert!

Evie is such a good reminder to everyone around here that nothing is impossible. If a three legged, one eye goat can manage to get in the house through a dog door, climb up in the table and find extra treats…. What’s stopping you from chasing your dreams?


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 


Cindy Clegg

I have been a weekly volunteer at Safe in Austin for about six months now, so I have seen the need for financial support. The vet bills, food, and supplies it takes to care for so many special needs animals are tremendous.  Sweet little Evie is a perfect example of the love and care that all the rescue animals receive.  Despite her multiple disabilities, she is a happy little goat living a good life.

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