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Everyone meet Tom (black) and Jerry (red)!!

Dr Ashbrook came to meet them today and was pleasantly surprised. We need to work on fattening them up and building strength (they’ve been stuck in a small patch of dirt), but they are in good health overall. We were very concerned about Tom’s private area but it turns out what we thought was a serious infection, is urine burn. The biggest shocker of the day..... wait for it.... was finding out that..... wait for it..... Tom doesn’t have ...... wait for it..... a penis!!!

He’s a boy!!

He should have a penis!!

But he doesn’t.

We. Don’t. Know. Why.

Apparently, it could be a mutation he was born with (this happens in mini horses because humans created them like little science experiments that go against nature.... don’t get me started on “mini” animals ) or it was amputated for some unknown reason.

Regardless... Dr Ashbrook fiddled around up in there and there was nothing to be found.

We will put Vaseline on it regularly and make sure he gets bathed to try to help with the urine burn. I don’t know when or how, but I’m 100% this situation is going to bring some comfort and healing to someone that needs it. Mark my words.

The crazy good news is they are young!! We were assuming they were little old men because of how bad they looked, but turns out they are children in mini horse years! She’s guessing between 7 & 10 years old! We have twenty to thirty years left to love on them!!!!!!


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 


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