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Waffles was found as a tiny kitten.

Thrown away at just days old.

One of our volunteers bottle fed him for a few days, then brought him to us.

We bottle fed him until he was old enough to drink and eventually eat on his own.






We said so many times “we need to post about this little guy, he needs a home.”

Yet… he moved into our newly repurposed special needs cat building. He has befriended our limb difference and blind babies… but his best friend has spinal deformities.

He chose us to be his forever family.

At first I was frustrated. He was healthy. Whatever he experienced in those first days before our volunteer found him he didn’t remember.

But then I stepped back and realized…

Waffles has such an important role here. He can help show everyone… that you don’t have to be able to understand how someone feels, or the struggles they have, you just have to remember that everyone needs a friend.

All of the cats Waffles is surrounded by have noticeable differences, but Waffles sees them exactly as we should, perfect and complete just as they are.

Such a great reminder of seeing with our hearts instead of our eyes.


All donations are put toward the costs involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and long term care of the animals. 

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