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Picture This...

Its Friday night and I’m feeling heart broken. I turned to....dun dun duuhhhh, Craigslist! 😱

(Craigslist is a dark and sad place for animal lovers and David was working)

I did not get a cow ☹️ Everyone is assuming we picked up a cow or calf. I wish.... we didn’t have any cattle trailers! 😉

I knew I wanted some of the donations we have received because of Angel’s passing to go into the Great Pyrenees community, so I messaged people selling GP puppies asking if Safe in Austin could pay to have their puppies and animals spayed for them. There are way too many Great Pyrenees in the shelters already and it was the only thing I could think of to help control that. (A lot of times litters are accidents because spaying can be expensive.) Obviously, most people thought I was crazy, and you don’t even want to hear what the ranchers selling cows said when I asked them to give me a momma and a calf. (Seriously, I should never ever get on Craigslist.)

However, hidden in the email responses was one from a woman who wanted to get me in touch with her mother.

Turns out, her father had recently passed away, and her mother had five Pyrenees puppies she was struggling to deal with. They were seven weeks old, had not been to the vet or been wormed, and were outside with the rest of the animals. She was in a tough place with no time or money and a bunch of “not so little” babies.

David and I immediately drove the two hours to her place and loaded up the puppies. We will also be paying to get the momma dog spayed. She was so incredibly relieved to see the babies going somewhere safe where we can get them to the vet and find the absolute best homes for all of them.

I honestly thought I was going to feel horribly guilty. I thought it was way too soon for this to be happening and I was betraying Angel’s memory by bringing these guys home. I didn’t want to love them. I tried really hard.... for about five minutes, until the very first whimper.

I picked him up and wrapped him in my arms and absolutely melted. I felt this heavy ache in my heart lift.

I felt Angel nudge my arm.

(Nudging my arm is something she did hundreds of times during her life to tell me something really important). ❤️

I don’t know how to explain this. Or even if it’s a good idea, but I believe she sent them to us. She knew I needed something. I’ve been struggling to even function this week but with the help of David, our family and friends, and some prescription drugs (yes, sometime they are necessary); I’m coming back and taking care of my kids and animals like I need to.

I know there is a man and a dog looking down from heaven right now, who knew exactly what they were doing.

What comes next is unclear. For right now, we are going to get these guys vetted and healthy and enjoy some puppy love. The rest of the dogs here have been a little lost without Angel and Duchess being sick.

I think a rescue litter will be good for all of us.

Thank you for wrapping your arms around our family this week. I promise you can come see them soon.



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